June 22, 2020

Data Sleek was hired by Zappo Track to build a complex web application to automate the conversion of documents into numbers for sophisticated analytics.

Data Sleek was in charge of modeling the database, choosing the right database technology, assembling a team of data engineers and data scientist quickly to build the application. A data processing was put in place to compute the data and store it into a data warehouse for near real time analytics.


Data Sleek team was an absolutely pleasure to work with. I was satisfied with the level of work they provided. From first onboarding Data Sleek to the project, I could tell they brought a ton of data analytics and data warehousing expertise to the project. I would highly recommend Data Sleek to anyone needing to build a data warehouse or a data analytics solution.

"The ability to scale a team of data engineers and data scientists in a small amount of time was impressive. Data Sleek did a great job of onboarding each new candidate."
Riti Chrea - CEO of Zappo Track